Steven Holl, knokke-heist, 2006

The Belgian seaside resort town of Knokke-Heist required a renovation and transformation of their existing casino. The enhanced program intends to provide an iconic landmark and bolster the town’s stature and urban spaces. The Sail Hybrid design was inspired by the René Magritte mural, The Ship Which Tells the Story to the Mermaid, commissioned for the casino in 1953. The mural inspired a hybrid transformation of the casino into three architectures: an early-modern restored volumetric architecture (white restored, reprogrammed casino), a porous-bridge Hybrid Architecture (perforated congress hall), and a sail-like Planar Architecture (glass planes – hotel and apartment tower) to create a synergy of new functions. The new three-part hybrid transformation rebuilds one of Belgium’s great architect’s fine works, becoming a glowing new beacon on the Atlantic wall and interconnecting the ensemble of city buildings in Knokke-Heist.


Update March 2009: Reconsidered design

For more information you can click here (dutch only)



2 Responses to “Steven Holl, knokke-heist, 2006”

  1. Marianna Lagakou Says:

    I am expressing personal as well as many friends’ opinion, who live in Knokke. We would love to see the city transform. This building would be a jewel and would advance Knokke even more!

    • archifacts Says:

      I heard that there will be some changes in the orginal design. So the final design is going to be a little different.
      normally they are going to start building end 2009

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