Christian de Portzamparc, Brussels, 2009

Competition for transforming the European quarter from the mono-functional administrative area which it is today, to make it a truly diverse and living neighbourhood. The competition meets the common wish of the regional and local authorities and of the Commission to reorganise the locations which the Commission occupies within the European quarter.

The project submitted by the international and interdisciplinary team composed of Christian de Portzamparc (France), Jacques Wirtz (Belgium), Coteba Belgium and OVE ARUP (Great Britain) has won the competition. The winning team now has four months to develop its draft and to shape the new face of the European quarter. This project will be reflected in a statutory urban development plan (“special land use plan” or PPAS in French) thus allowing the launch of specific architecture competitions.
Thirty-five teams stood as candidates for this competition which was launched on 3 April 2008 by the Brussels-Capital Region, in close partnership with the European Commission and the City of Brussels. Five teams had been retained at the end of the pre-selection phase. The final choice of the laureate was carried out on the basis of the recommendations given by an advisory committee.
The urban design proposed by the winning team fulfils the specifications of the competition and addresses the goals of the master plan for the European district: to create an original urban form bearing a strong and symbolic identity for Europe, and integrating perfectly with the adjoining neighbourhoods; to carry forward a convivial and environmentally-friendly city project combining offices and housing, and giving priority to soft transport modes (public transport, pedestrians, cyclists)



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