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Studio Arne Quinze, Brussels, 2009

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Breevast and Immobel, real estate partners in the CAC project in the avenue Pacheco in Brussels have announced the project team that will design the plans for the renewed site and will coordinate conctruction. Studio Arne Quinze will be in charge of the conceptual vision of the intire project an will propose guideline for the architectural design of the buildings and connected public spaces. The new master plan for the project as a whole can be expected in 2009.

Source:Studio Arne Quinze

Finaly a ambitious and interesting architectural project for brussels, together with the Masterplan of Christian de Portzamparc this will be something to look forward to.Brussels was for to long the playground of incompetent policy makers and Architects. So i hope that is will be a new start for high quality architecture in Brussels!



REX (ny) & Bas Smets architects, Kortrijk, 2009

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NEW YORK, August 4 — REX and Principal in Charge Joshua Prince-Ramus have been named the winner of the BibLLLiotheek competition to build a “Library of the Future” for the city of Kortrijk, Belgium. REX partnered with landscape architects Bureau Bas Smets in entering the competition, which included both a building and master plan.

In making its decision, the BibLLLiotheek jury noted that the REX design was “the most inspiring model,” and praised “the originality of the design approach compared to other design teams.”

The city of Kortrijk sought to create a library that would combine the functions of a traditional central library with a Life-Long Learning Center and bring in the city’s Music Center as an equal partner. The new combination was named the “LLLibrary.”


Source: Archidose


Second proposal : TV urbain architectencollectief + Béal & blanckaert architectes assoiés


Christian de Portzamparc, Brussels, 2009

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Competition for transforming the European quarter from the mono-functional administrative area which it is today, to make it a truly diverse and living neighbourhood. The competition meets the common wish of the regional and local authorities and of the Commission to reorganise the locations which the Commission occupies within the European quarter.

The project submitted by the international and interdisciplinary team composed of Christian de Portzamparc (France), Jacques Wirtz (Belgium), Coteba Belgium and OVE ARUP (Great Britain) has won the competition. The winning team now has four months to develop its draft and to shape the new face of the European quarter. This project will be reflected in a statutory urban development plan (“special land use plan” or PPAS in French) thus allowing the launch of specific architecture competitions.
Thirty-five teams stood as candidates for this competition which was launched on 3 April 2008 by the Brussels-Capital Region, in close partnership with the European Commission and the City of Brussels. Five teams had been retained at the end of the pre-selection phase. The final choice of the laureate was carried out on the basis of the recommendations given by an advisory committee.
The urban design proposed by the winning team fulfils the specifications of the competition and addresses the goals of the master plan for the European district: to create an original urban form bearing a strong and symbolic identity for Europe, and integrating perfectly with the adjoining neighbourhoods; to carry forward a convivial and environmentally-friendly city project combining offices and housing, and giving priority to soft transport modes (public transport, pedestrians, cyclists)



Conix Architects, Hoboken, 2005

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The company plant of Umicore, hoboken (belgium) is part of a larger industrial Park. The site is a city itself but lacks structural cohesion and coherence. Conix Architects had to structure this complex site to promote a new corporate identity. In order to integrate the palnt better into it’s surrounding and generate an improved feeling on the whole reconversion was considered. Conix Architects developed a strategy which create a new nd more accesible identity for Umicore

For more information visit the website


source: Conix Architects

Abscis ontwerpgroep, Heverlee, 2008

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New texaco servicestation Heverlee (Belgium)


images: Animated Motion Studios

Vincent Callebaut, Brussel, 2004

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Inside the urban network Léopold-Schuman, the European Institutions are built up as shut-in masses without any real connection between each other. In order to put dynamism into the area at a pedestrian level, our proposal tries to re-establish fluid and natural contacts inside the block Comines Froissart.This one constitutes a real urban “joint” between the two European poles, that is the Parliament and the Berlaymont, and between the two green lungs, i.e. Leopold Park and the Cinquentenaire Park. 
The C.F. block splits itself in order to establish new short cuts and gives the neighbourhood a scale of an urban crossways appropriate to the setting up of the housing with the open centre in the heart of the block. Our master plan takes up urban building lines in order to create an harmony of built masses by recentering the Place Jean Ney. The centre of the parcel Robelco becomes an open atrium on the place and Street Belliard. In that way it connects the green spaces. Indeed this atrium, which is supported by the structure of the tunnel, becomes a topologic connection between the garden of the block and the Leopold Park in the one hand and in the other hand between the building’s two main parts. 
These two main parts have an altimetric difference. The part along the Nouvelle Street espouses the base of Juste Lipse whereas the tower centres Belliard Street and is locatedin the skyline of high buildings higher up. Within the Valley of Maelbeek, the hotel asserts its vertical presence and the mouth of Belliard Tunnel which gives on to the Cinquentenaire Park.It is thus an architecture of contrasts between the Cartesian and organic thing, between outside and inside, between private and public spaces of the hotel. It is a project open to the city ! 

source: vincent callebaut

For more information visit his website


Zaha Hadid, Knokke-Heist, 2006

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(dutch only)

De Brits-Iraakse architecte Zaha Hadid heeft bij het gemeentebestuur van Knokke-Heist een aantal plannen ingediend voor de opwaardering van Heist. Volgens een van de plannen krijgt de hele stationsbuurt van Heist een futuristisch uitzicht. De plannen omvatten ook het verschuiven van de stationslocatie. Dat is zeer vreemd gezien onlangs nog maar de hele parkeerinfrastructuur bij het station werd heraangelegd. “In samenspraak met de NMBS wordt een nieuw station gebouwd en aan de overzijde komt een gebouw met leslokalen voor de kunstacademie en een feestzaal voor 1.500 personen. Verder omvat het plan nog een bouwproject met winkelcentrum en appartementen. Het zou gaan om betaalbare woningen. De site wordt ingepast in een parklandschap. Meteen zal onder de spoorweg door een betere doorgang gecreëerd worden naar het Kijkdorp en Heulebrug. “In het plan wordt het Boerenhof, dat beschermd is, behouden net zoals de pastorie”, aldus Schepen Maxim Willems. Later dit jaar komt Zaha Hadid naar Knokke-Heist om het plan officieel voor te stellen. Als de gemeenteraad de plannen goedkeurt dan moeten nog ontwikkelaars gevonden worden die het project willen uitvoeren. Het prijskaartje zou zo’n 55 miljoen euro bedragen.

source: oronieuws

Update OKTOBER 2009: New images


Zaha Hadid, knokke stationomgeving