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Studio Arne Quinze, Brussels, 2009

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Breevast and Immobel, real estate partners in the CAC project in the avenue Pacheco in Brussels have announced the project team that will design the plans for the renewed site and will coordinate conctruction. Studio Arne Quinze will be in charge of the conceptual vision of the intire project an will propose guideline for the architectural design of the buildings and connected public spaces. The new master plan for the project as a whole can be expected in 2009.

Source:Studio Arne Quinze

Finaly a ambitious and interesting architectural project for brussels, together with the Masterplan of Christian de Portzamparc this will be something to look forward to.Brussels was for to long the playground of incompetent policy makers and Architects. So i hope that is will be a new start for high quality architecture in Brussels!



SOM architects, Brussels, 2004

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The NATO Headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium, is the political headquarters of the Alliance and the permanent home of the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s senior political decision-making body.

Like fingers interlaced in a symbolic clasp of unity and mutual interdependence, SOM’s design for the International Treaty Organization Headquarters represents the changing mission of the organization from opposition and prevention to unification and integration. The SOM landmark design provides each member-nation with embassy-level security and privacy while also providing shared space where national representatives can meet as partners in the pursuit of peace and comity.

The new HQ will be gigantic:120.000 m2 when completed in 2012 at a cost of 300 million euro

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Xaveer de geyter, brussel, 2006

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xaveer de geyter architects (xdga) have won the competition for the reconstruction of the rogierplein in brussels. in the future a remarkable glass canopy will not only enhance the square, but will also be a beacon in the city, clearly visible from a distance.

the chaos that characterizes brussels and the rogierplein will be preserved. the square is a spot in which several currents meet, generating a crude and chaotic result. this clash creates a city dynamic that, in the best interest of the city, should be maintained. the intervention of xdga adds a significant quality and converts the place into a ‘hot spot’ in the brussels pentagon.

the proposal of the project mainly contains three enhancements. the strip alongside the small ‘ring’ around brussels will become a pedestrian zone, a promenade which will be partly covered by a glass canopy. with a diameter of 66 meters (approx. 216 feet) it will encompass all the events occurring in the square. its structure exists of ribs on which the glass is hung. the construction is symmetrical as only the base slants to connect with the existing subterranean column structure. the footing of the canopy will be accommodated with a patio which will serve as the entrance to the centre platform of the underground (subway).


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